Thursday, September 13, 2007

The old reader's boats picture archive

Alacrity pics: Patricia

This is Dan McEachern's Alacrity "Patricia". Dan lives in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. He bought the boat in June 2003. It has not been in the water since 1995. He is now restoring the boat to be launched next spring. Here is what he told me about his boat so far:
"Our problem out here in the great southwestern desert of course is heat and sun so good UV protection in any products you are using is vital. The sun is deadly on fiberglass and wood. Both must be either covered or cared for constantly. I have been re-oiling the teak for weeks and it still wants more! So far, I have replaced the front hatch and the companionway hatch, re-fiberglassed the entire cockpit area, and removed the pulpit for clean up, straightening and painting. The tabernacle was rusted and I am having a new one built. I have restored the rudder. I also have an original 3hp British Seagull outboard that the previous owner says runs perfectly. It came with the boat. My next big project is to build a cradle and get the boat off the trailer. The keels need to be re-glassed, then the bottom paint. Then its on to rigging and the interior, electrical, I am tired just writing this!"

Dan has promised some more pictures and comments on his project's further development as it goes along.
As a start, here are some more "before pictures" and some tips on fiberglass repais.

Alacrity pics: The Rose

When Graham Bell bought this Alacrity it had been going up and down with the tide for five years and was covered in green mould. Now he has cleaned the bottom and sanded the hull which he intends to paint pale blue.

Graham has also cleaned the deck and has already purchased a 4hp outboard.

This is how "The Rose" looks in spring 2004. Graham has applied two under coats and two gloss coats to the hull. He also has painted the bottom, sanded the woodwork and put two coats of stainer on it. The boat looks really great.

Alacrity pics: Retrograde

This is Mark Stipetic's Alacrity "Retrograde" which he has been fixing up after some Hurricane damage. Mark lives in Wilmington, North Carolina, USA.

His story:
"The guy I got it from - his dad bought it about 1973. He sailed it as a boy in the Pamlico Sound, North Carolina.
It had not moved or been sailed for 10-12 years (in salt water the whole time).
The boat was hit by many hurricanes -"Floyd" and "Fran" were direct hits on it. "Cape Fear" is right here. Lightning finally sunk the boat. It came down the shrouds and put two holes in port side and one in the starboard side. After much thought, I decided to salvage it. It was free. I estimate I put $750 and 2 years work into it to get it looking and sailing good.
There is no electrical system in it though. So no running lights yet. I'm working on that."

Alacrity pics: Greyhound

This is George Bollenbacher's Alacrity "Greyhound". George sails on the Hudson River north of New York. The boat is named "Greyhound" because he also owns two "retired racing hounds".
The smaller picture shows co-owner Jacob preparing "Greyhound" for a sail at the Tarrytown Marina.
Edit: this boat now as a new owner.

Alacrity pics: At last

Tom Meara's father bought this Alacrity in 1975. Tom learned to sail in her and she
safely got him through some heavy weather during a few "ill-planned voyages of his youth".
After 30 years in salt water, he totally restored the boat and fitted a completely new interior.

Alacrity pics: Britina

This "Britina", sail no AY-65. The boat is now owned by Ulf Lange from Bremen, Germany.
The pics here have been taken by the previous owner, Dierk Thomsen. It seems to be an Alacrity Mk1 despite the double windows. Dierk also has a wooden Mast.
Dierk lives in Hamburg, Germany and sailed his boat in the Elbe Estuary.

Alacrity pics: Smurfen

This is Leif Eklund's Alacrity. "Smurfen". Leif lives in Skelleftehamn in Northern Sweden and this makes it the third Alacrity in Swedish waters that I am aware of.
Update: the boat has now been sold. I do not have the names of the new owners yet.

Smurfen was built in 1966 and has only had three owners since.

Alacrity pics: Midnight Special

Brian Bartlett send me this email about an Alacrity he bought in order to be restored by his children.
"A couple of months ago my family and I were driving around a local boatyard looking at boats. We already have an O’day 25 weekend cruiser. Sitting amongst the weeds was a small blue hulled bilge keeled boat, in pretty rough shape. My kids (16, 14 and 9) asked me to stop and promptly jumped aboard to check it out. They fell in love with the boat and asked if we could buy it. They wanted to restore it and bring it back to sailing condition. I agreed that I would check on it. I told them I wouldn’t pay more the $200 for the whole thing. I also made a pact with them that it would be their job to restore it, they would do all the work. In addition if I were to buy it for them they had to agree to:
· Do all the work.
· Keep logs of all time spent.
· Keep a journal explaining the steps and projects undertaken.
· Keep records and receipts of all Dad’s money spent.
· Keep a photo journal of the project.
· Create a web page from all the documentation.
In return Dad & Mom would:

· Foot the bills.
· Supply tools and materials.
· Act as project consultants and teachers.
· Find a way to get it home.
· Find a trailer for the finished boat .
· Transport or moor it with our other boat.
It turns out that they’ll let me have it for $100. I am going to pick it up this weekend and get it back to our farm to commence the project. It has no sails or rudder but those can be fabricated. After searching the web to see what it is I finally found your site and sure enough it looks like the boat in your pictures. I am sure it is an Alacrity 19. So any help you can send our way would be appreciated. We’ll keep you up to date on the progress too."

Alacrity pics: Naiad

This is Leo Bingley's "Naiad", hull no 288. Leo and his wife live in Michigan, USA. The boat is currently moored in front of their place.
Najad under sail on Grand Traverse Bay.

Alacrity pics: Kindly Light

This is Gary Jaggers' Alacrity "Kindly Light". Gary lives in Falmouth, UK and sails his boat on the Fal Estuary, Carrick Roads and the River Helford. Kindly Light is an Mk1. She is also the first Alacrity I have ever seen with a roller furling jib.

Gary took over the boat after his stepfather who had owned her since 1990. She is on regular use however needing some work.

As sailing costs continually increase, Gary likes this small boat's ability to dry out on cheaper moorings and enjoys "to barge his way in amongst the Bavarias and Benetaux."

Alacrity pics: Sabre

This is Steve Meakin's Alacrity Mk1 "Sabre". The boat was built by Hurley marine in 1969. According to Steve she has "a furling genoa and tons of character." And quite a large crew, too.

Sabre has been sailing on Kielder Water in Northumberland, UK. It's one of Europe's biggest man made reservoirs. However, Sabre is soon to be transfered to saltier waters again. She will be happy to sail off the Northumberland coast.

Sabre also has the main sheet attached to the middle of the cockpit. This is quite ususal on Mk1 models it seems.

Alacrity pics: Scaramouche

Tom Swenson bought this Alacrity recently. He lives in New Jersey, USA.
The boat his is first sailboat. The boat has a clearly visible hull number plate. Not very beautiful, though...

Alacrity pics: Mistral

This is Steve Wardropper's Alacrity "Mistral". Steve bought the boat in 2001 and has since repainted her hull.
He sails out of Keyhaven in the Solent.

Alacrity pics: Mistral II

This is Julian Davies' "Mistral II", AY 609. He bought her in 2005 from Chris Monniot who had painted her the summer before, but as he since had acquired a new boat he decided to sell her.