Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Alacrity pics: Celtic Roamer

This is Simon Chapman's "Celtic Roamer". He writes:

"I've found your Alacrity web site and would like to add my
boat "Celtic Roamer" to your list. I bought Celtic Roamer in March 2007
and she is kept at Penzance in Cornwall.

As she came up for sale shortly before being lifted back in
the water (we have a fore & aft drying mooring in Penzance harbour) I
only had time to apply the anti-fouling and get a quick coat of hull and
deck paint on for a speedy 'make-over'.

Sailing through the summer months has given rise to a list of ideas for
the winter lay-up which will last until next April. Thanks to the 'tips
and tricks' section of your site and the many stories from other Alacrity
owners there will not be many days this winter where something won't be

I have sent some photos of Celtic Roamer as she is now, and will add more
as we go through the winter."

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