Thursday, September 13, 2007

Alacrity pics: Patricia

This is Dan McEachern's Alacrity "Patricia". Dan lives in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. He bought the boat in June 2003. It has not been in the water since 1995. He is now restoring the boat to be launched next spring. Here is what he told me about his boat so far:
"Our problem out here in the great southwestern desert of course is heat and sun so good UV protection in any products you are using is vital. The sun is deadly on fiberglass and wood. Both must be either covered or cared for constantly. I have been re-oiling the teak for weeks and it still wants more! So far, I have replaced the front hatch and the companionway hatch, re-fiberglassed the entire cockpit area, and removed the pulpit for clean up, straightening and painting. The tabernacle was rusted and I am having a new one built. I have restored the rudder. I also have an original 3hp British Seagull outboard that the previous owner says runs perfectly. It came with the boat. My next big project is to build a cradle and get the boat off the trailer. The keels need to be re-glassed, then the bottom paint. Then its on to rigging and the interior, electrical, I am tired just writing this!"

Dan has promised some more pictures and comments on his project's further development as it goes along.
As a start, here are some more "before pictures" and some tips on fiberglass repais.

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