Thursday, September 13, 2007

Alacrity pics: Demone

This is Peter Hardy's "Domine", AY 330. He bought the boat from his brother who had had it for four years but sailed it very little.

Now Peter, who is a technology teacher, plans to paint the boat and add a wooden fender strip. Here the boat is moored at Wivenhoe, Essex.


colin said...

I now own #330 "dominoe" ,the name has morphed .she's complete .have stripped out the cabin ,will replace 1 sole beam, a fair bit of other wood and stripping all paint in & out. Tedious ,but it's my winter project .Would like to know if the cabins were ever lined or simply painted like mine.I'm in Norwich UK
and will be pleased to hear from any Alacrity owners .

Martin said...

I have recently bought #330 from Colin as he is retiring from sailing. Colin has done all that he said he would and I am pleased to take her over.
I'm returning to sailing after a 10 year break and the plan is to use her around Wroxham Broard, to teach my children to sail, and the coastal trips. From what I've seen on tinternet, I think I've made afoot choice of boat.