Thursday, September 13, 2007

Alacrity pics: Midnight Special

Brian Bartlett send me this email about an Alacrity he bought in order to be restored by his children.
"A couple of months ago my family and I were driving around a local boatyard looking at boats. We already have an O’day 25 weekend cruiser. Sitting amongst the weeds was a small blue hulled bilge keeled boat, in pretty rough shape. My kids (16, 14 and 9) asked me to stop and promptly jumped aboard to check it out. They fell in love with the boat and asked if we could buy it. They wanted to restore it and bring it back to sailing condition. I agreed that I would check on it. I told them I wouldn’t pay more the $200 for the whole thing. I also made a pact with them that it would be their job to restore it, they would do all the work. In addition if I were to buy it for them they had to agree to:
· Do all the work.
· Keep logs of all time spent.
· Keep a journal explaining the steps and projects undertaken.
· Keep records and receipts of all Dad’s money spent.
· Keep a photo journal of the project.
· Create a web page from all the documentation.
In return Dad & Mom would:

· Foot the bills.
· Supply tools and materials.
· Act as project consultants and teachers.
· Find a way to get it home.
· Find a trailer for the finished boat .
· Transport or moor it with our other boat.
It turns out that they’ll let me have it for $100. I am going to pick it up this weekend and get it back to our farm to commence the project. It has no sails or rudder but those can be fabricated. After searching the web to see what it is I finally found your site and sure enough it looks like the boat in your pictures. I am sure it is an Alacrity 19. So any help you can send our way would be appreciated. We’ll keep you up to date on the progress too."

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