Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Alacrity pics: Sweet Pea

This is Dallas Phillips Alacrity "Sweet Pea". The boat is in Michigan, USA and it is for sale (edit: probably sold long since...).

This is what Dallas writes about his boat:
"I am in Michigan and have had an Alacrity for 3 years. It actually
belong to an elderly friend of mine who sailed it on Lake St. Clair
from about 1975 until 2000. I bought it from him and completely
painted inside and out; did some rewiring and bought a new battery for
running lights and cockpit lights; have a cigarette lighter
receipticle for your GPS or whatever; complete new cushions for the 3
bunks and two cockpit cushions (my sister-in-law is a upholsterer).
Have bought a trailer and had it retrofitted for the twin keels with
good tires and has been painted. I am comfortable pulling it at no
more than 55MPH. It has a nice old long shaft Johnson (I think a six
horse) that I installed a new
impeller in and runs and stars great. The standing rigging is what he
had on it and seems fine. I have a newer 150 genoa; two other jibs;
two mains. Regretfully we haven't had time to sail her as I wished so
better get her to somebody that can enjoy the fruits of my labor. We
are asking $3800.00 for "Sweet Pea". Also have solar battery charger,
Solas Kit, 2 nice throw cusions, anchor and line."

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