Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Alacrity pics: Jaconte

This is Gavin Martin's Alacrity Jaconte. He sails her on the River Deben, UK.
This is his story:

"In July of this year I made the final decision to “take the plunge” and buy a small cruising yacht. Asking sailing friends and browsing websites I came up with a shortlist of desirable features:

Around eighteen to twenty feet long
Bilge keel
Simple rig
Easily handled
Able to be “trailer sailed”
Simple construction
Easy to handle and “forgiving” for a beginner

All this sounded quite difficult, but eventually after lots of reading (including “Twin Keeler”!) this boiled down to either an Alacrity 19 or a Westerly 22.

After some searching, I discovered a friendly local yard in Woodbridge owned and operated by Andy and James Seedhouse. With my list of features I went looking, and came down to a choice of two Alacrities – “Innuendo” and “Jaconte” – and after some more thought decided that “Jaconte” was the one for me."

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