Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Alacrity pics: Rick Scott

This is Rick Scotts Alacrity. It is a real project as the boat has major keel damage! Rick, who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada is determined to restore the boat.

He writes: "I recently came into possession of an Alacrity 19, in need of repair.
It had broken loose in high winds and was damaged upon a rocky shoreline.
It is my intention to restore the boat.
The hull was damaged and both keels were broken off. All that remains of mine
are about 4" where the keels meet the hull."

Update July 2007. I recieved an email with this report:

"It has been close to a year since I got the Alacrity 19. When I sent the pictures, I remember your comment that this would be a large job. As I have walked past the boat in the yard recently, I thought you might like to hear how things have gone.
Due to circumstances, the boat will not see the water this summer. We started into the project late in the fall of 2007. During the winter months, we spent some 3-4 evenings per week as well as most Saturdays, and to date, the project has consumed close to 300 hours.
I have enjoyed the job, but due to a move, it had to be put on hold, and as you can see it has been covered. I expect it to be this fall before I am able to get back to it again.

To reach this point the interior was completely removed. We laminated bulkheads that are permanently adhered to the hull. The bulkheads were used to structurally attach the core of the keels. Each keel contains 250 lbs of lead ballast. From there the fiberglass was layered up.
The exterior has been prepared and is almost ready for gel coat. I still have some interior work to do in the area of the cockpit before the interior is installed.
I have documented this project from the start with pictures and notes, so I hope to have an article that you can use at some point in the future."

Rick also added a new picture.

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