Thursday, September 13, 2007

Alacrity pics: Butzel

This is Alacrity "Butzel" owned by Torsten Lieb from Villach, Austria. He plans to trailer the boat to the Adriatic Sea and sail it in the Pula-Dubrovnic area. The boat is named after his cat who used to swim with him in the sea, but unfortumately died in a car accident. He trailered the boat home from Vienna where it has been in sweet water only before.

Torsten has installed an electric drive on his boat! He used the old Endura 46 from Minnkota and thinks this is the right place to get the optimum out of its power. He writes:
"It is supposed to be strong enough for boats of 1,25 tons. It used to be a Outborder. Well now it is an attached E-drive. Supported by two 30 x 30 x 0,5 cm steel plates. I dry to use this one as the general drive. For the need of more, longer energy I have little generator ( 18kg) 1000 W. The complete construction of my E-drive weights approx. 10 Kg."

Butzel had an accident on her road trailer since and was damaged. However, Torsten has now restored her and she does look even more pretty than before. This is his report:

"Butzel is totally overhauled. I mad a new Deck – Hull connection by 50 x 3 mm stainless steel all around clued with epoxid and screwed over it 4 y 12 mm rope glued and fixed with stainless steel holders. Almost everything is new. 45 litre water Tank , 4 Batteries with 70 Ah each. To the main hatch attached solar panel."

And here are some new pics. I especially find the new rope rubrail a very nice idea!

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