Friday, December 26, 2008

Tips for buying an Alacrity

I have received some emails recently from people thinking of buying an Alacrity and asking for a list of typical things to check. This has even been discussed in the yahoo-group where I posted basically the same as below and did not get any opposition so I guess I have the rest of the crew with me.

As with all small fiberglass sailboats the things to check are the obvious ones. Most importantly of course the integrity of the hull. If the boat floats and does not leak the rest is fixable. :)
Next is rigging, that's mast, shrouds, stays, halyards and all that jazz and of course the sails. Sails are important to check as they are, together with the mast itself the most expensive things to replace. Shrouds, stays and halyards can be replaced quite easily for little money so should not be of great concern.
Finally the engine if there is one. As Alacrities generally have outboards it's not really a part of the boat and should not prevent anyone from buying the boat - but of course an old or unreliable engine should get you the boat for less money.

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Thanks for sharing such useful tips on buying a Alacrity sailboat