Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Another Alacrity blog

I got an email from David in Cornwall who just had found this site. This is his story (or his wife's really):
"I have just found your websites and have had loads of fun looking at all ofthe pic's and reading your tales and adventures. We have just got our Alacrity 19 or 18'6" with a sail number of 862. At the time we did'nt even know what sort of boat it was we just liked the look of it.

The boat is called Spindrift and must have lots of history as there is a log on board which shows over 21000 miles not far off once around the world. My wife owns the boat is an artist and illustrator of childrens books. She also keeps a number of blog sites about here work and life, we have now started a new blog about her boat and its new life with us."

Here is the blog about Spindrift.

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