Friday, September 24, 2010

Well, I am still alive...

OK, I went back to Stockholm for a couple of days this week and actually got the boat out for a short sail. There wasn't much wind but the sky was blue and the water was as it used to be, too. It was nice to be back, but well, my time here is ending and I've taken the mast down for the boat to be hauled out in October.
Oh, and I also found a fellow club member with a broken down engine so did get to do some good..
Next summer, hopefully, will ensue the adventurous task of getting the boat to the UK. So stay tuned.


Unknown said...

good for you!

Mark Brown said...

You had a great adventure out there! I'm kind a jealous man. I haven't sailed for quite a while now with BOB, my boat. CE proofing is keeping boat in great condition before I could have it here in UK. I terribly miss him and my sailing to Ephesus. There are a lot of interesting places there; I think you should go and see some of the ancient ruins.