Sunday, April 25, 2010

First daysail and geekiness

The first daysail of the season occured today. I went out to an island, anchored and had coffee. Sailed home. Made a boring video. Almost froze my hands off when I hauled up the anchor line out of that ice cold liquid I was sailing in (or on). It was quite warm and sunny, though and the wind was good.


I have also tried out the solar charger and battery combination I was experimenting with lately. It's an old alarm battery from work connected to a small solar charger. So now I've a proper 12V system and can charge anything with a usual car charger. Charges the iphone in less than three hours. Not sure how long the solar thing needs to top up the battery after that, but shouldn't be longer than the iphone takes to run flat again.


Oh, and here's the video.

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