Sunday, December 27, 2009

More winter impressions

I got this request for some pictures of the boatyard and my boat in its sorry winter state. Unfortunately, on the way there I decided to make a video instead, being, as alway, terribly inspired by Dylan Winter. However, I did not know that the camera's lense makes you look quite like a rabbit if you put it too near. That never happend to Dylan. Anyway, it's too late now and I will have to go through with this.

Getting into the yard wasn't easy as the lock had frozen. Expecting this I carried a small can of anti-freeze spray, which got me in, but did not entirely clear the lock on the inside so I wouldn't have gotten the key in if the door had slammed shut.

And here is the after-pic.

I did get out without trouble so I could take some more pics from the other side of the inlet.


Melanie Sherman said...

Bless you, Captain. (You sneezed) That was a fabulous video. Love the boat. I ended up having to put on a sweater.

jenku said...

It was a cough! Or a clearing of the throat rather. Thanks anyway. I might still have a career in television. HA HA.