Saturday, June 27, 2009

24 hours cruise

(<---- click to zoom) The weather has been warm and sunny for over a week now, so I just had to grab the opportunity. I left for the boat directly from work on Friday, 3 pm - by tube as it would have taken longer to go home first, get the car and drive to the club. However, the tube station is about a 20 minutes walk from the club so I got to the boat well exercised... The wind on my way out was mostly on the nose, but not too strong so I made good progress. Still it took some time tacking my way up to the narrow inlet into Kyrkfjärden, a very nice anchorage in almost any wind direction. The narrow passage itself I had to motor through. Its depth is 1.5 metres at normal level according to the chart, so I guess with the water level down after a week of high pressure, I may have had a little more than one metre of water under my keel. Here is a video from the passage itself.

When I got out on the other side I realized that the anchorage was full of boats. I have never been in here during high summer so I had not really expected this. Especially the spot where I ususally moor up was occupied by several mobos. However, as I looked around a little I found a perfect little spot, a rocky beach in miniature right in the reeds. Nobody was there as people tend to seek out big rocks where they can sunbathe or have barbecues. Not little rocky beaches in the reeds. However this one was perfect for my purpose. There was no wind either, so the boat did not drift at all when I carefully nosed up to the spot, stepped ashore and put lines to trees in the usual manner. I then hauled the boat out quite far on the kedge in order to be out of danger if there was any swell from mobos. And sure it was! When will they ever learn to go slowly when there are moored boats?
Kyrkviken 26/6 09

Anyway, I had reasonable privacy, next neighbour was a sailboat with a family of four (biggest sailboat I've ever seen in there, but it was a First so probably has a lifting keel), about 100 metres away. They indeed proved to be quite entertaining when father and daughter got their wind surfer gear out...


The night was calm, but in the morning the wind veered into the north and got up a little. This did not affect me, but probably had if I had gone to the usual spot. In fact quite a few boats left early. Myself, I stayed until lunch and then sailed home with a following wind so I did not have to tack at all. Well almost. I got back to the club mid-afternoon.

Kyrkviken 26/6 09


George Bollenbacher said...

Jens, I can't find the video. Did you forget to post it?


jenku said...

It's embedded into the page so it should show. If it doesn't perhaps your web browser lacks some plugin. Try this direct link instead:

Shann Bosnell said...


Nice looking boat. I'm a Vivacity owner in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. She currently sits in my backyard whilst some repairs are underway, including full paint job.

What engine are you using? I have an older Seagull that I'm thinking of hooking up to the back, to keep it as *old* school as possible. I notice your engine in the video seems fairly quiet though, which is nice. Seagulls are very reliable, but have never been called quiet.

Cheers from North East Canada.

jenku said...

Thanks scooby! I am currently using a tohatsu 4 hp 2-stroke which is almost too powerful for the boat. I also have a Honda 2hp 4-stroke which, while being much more fuel economic is a little weak, only gives about 3 knots against any wind or current, while the tohatsu maintains 5 knots in almost all conditions. However, the Honda, being air-cooled is much louder. I guess the Seagull is air cooled as well?

I do, in some way, prefer a weaker engine as it makes you sail more!