Thursday, May 21, 2009

Self-tacking jib experiment

I read this article in a boating magazine about how to rig a very simple self-tacking jib arrangement, so I just had to try it out. The system setup is like this: a long line is led through a block at the jib, then made fast at the winches. The idea is that when you tack, the jib moves to the other side of the mast and stops at about the same position on the opposite side. 

First I tried it with the big jib and it worked quite well (see video). Later, I tried it with the smaller jib. Unfortunately this one extends a little too far aft of the mast, so the block tended to stick to the wrong side of the mast. Still, the boat did sail quite well anyway, especially if I adjusted the windward part of the sheet a little. Of course this arrangement does not work with a genoa. Another downside is that you are unable to heave-to with this arrangement in place.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, you could always knot eack sheet ahead of the fairleads. Just ease the Lee sheet and tighten the windward side until the knot in the Lee sheet drags the job to windward to Hove too. Adjust knot location to suite the sail.
Better late than never.
Peter, alacrity gaff rebuild, Ontario Canada.