Friday, March 27, 2009

Wooden keel Alacrity

Some time ago I had a conversation with someone (don't remember who though) who claimed there were fiberglass Alacrities with wooden keels. I doubted this. While early Alacrities were made of marine plywood and of course had wooden keels, the later fiberglass ones all had incapsulated fiberglass keels. However, now I seem to stand corrected. While on vacation in the South West of Scotland, a member of the yahoo-group came across this boat. According to him the boat looked like an Alacrity Mk II (and the coachroof on the pictures certainly does), but the keels were definitetly wood.

Now, if the owner of this vessel reads this or anybody else who hase a similar boat, please enlighten us with some more details! Is this a production Alacrity? Or a modification? I guess it cannot be outruled completely that it is a Vivacity as well or maybe another experimental design or prototype. Are there more of these boats out there? Please tell us!


Anonymous said...

I think to me it looks as if someone added wood to make the keels longer.

jenku said...

You mean like in "deeper"? They do not look much deeper (or longer) than the original ones, maybe just a little deeper, but that could also be in order to compensate for them not being ballasted.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, just found your site after researching trailers for my Alacrity. having seen the pictures of thought i would let you know that mine too is fibre glass with wooden keels! I'm in the process of trying to find a trailer to move her so that i can start to repair her.

Andy said...

Hi, I am just buying a glass Alacrity with wooden keels. I will know more when I pick up and see the log book but I guess they were the first models before they had the bright idea to encapsualte the ballast.


Sussex, UK

Anonymous said...


I have one of these older ones as well. The hatches, much of the cockpit, and the interior are also wood. There are wooden beams to hold the keels as well. No cockpit drains.

I have recently seen a (less- older) Vivacity with out these wooden parts.


Anonymous said...

Hello are they all like that? I've got a alacrity with a keel out of line with other