Sunday, February 11, 2007

A simple boat stand

by Ron Hack

Simple to assemble and build. Easy to raise boat for bottom and keel work.


1. 2 – 6”X6” timbers 8’ in length (cross timbers for boat to sit on)
2. 6 – 6”X6” timbers 2 ½’ in length (to support the cross timbers)
3. miscellaneous boards of 8’ and 10’ lengths (to make the frame rigid)


1. park the boat on its trailer in a flat spot with good working area
2. assemble stern cross timber (1) and stern supports (3) and strengthen with nailed horizontal and diagonal cross pieces (as illustrated in the bow supports pictured above)
3. assemble bow right (1) and left (1) supports and strengthen with horizontal and cross pieces along the side of the frame (note: the bow cross timber and centre bow support is assembled last after boat raised off trailer and the trailer removed)
4. keep in mind that the side to side frame length is 8’ to allow for working space between the supports and the keels and that the back to front frame length is 10’ to allow for boat balance and work space

Raising the boat:

1. lower the hitch end of the trailer to the ground raising the stern of the boat
2. move the stern support forward so it is just touching the boat bottom (or assemble the stern support with the stern raised)
3. place a jack (a car jack will do but a larger jack will make the job easier) under the hitch end of the trailer and raise the bow
4. when the bow is high enough, slip the 8’ bow support under the bottom of the boat and on top of the left and right supports (see picture)
5. the boat will now be sitting on the stand
6. remove the jack and the trailer and install the vertical centre bow support
7. reverse the process to put the boat back on its trailer
8. keep in mind that the length of the six supports will depend upon the height of the keels off the ground when on the boat. The goal is to raise the boat at least 1” higher than the frame of the trailer so the trailer can be pulled out.

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